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FC/FD Magnetic Float Level Switch

FC/FD Magnetic Float Level Switch



The single unit or multiple reed switch units arehoused tightly in stainless steel or engineeringplastic stem, and the permanent magnet issealed into the middle of the specified float ball(s). You can mount the float ball to penetrating through the stem, then the liquid buoyancy will deliver the float ball up and down at the specified position by graduating rings.
When the float internal magnet approaches the reed switch, it will actuate the reed switch contact point to create an open or close circuit. We can apply such on-off output signals to reach liquid level controlling and monitoring purpose.
The figures below show the float orientations on N.O. (Normal Open) and N.C. (Normal Close).


  • Multiple points measuring, multiple level points are available for custom-built.
  • It is used the magnet to actuate the reed switch without any extra electric power source.
    Each reed switch is durable for operation life reaching 2 million times.
  • All output signal wiring are simplified in same junction box (housing) to economize the external wiring construction.
  • FC(D) type magnetic float level switches are more economical in budget than other level switches by comparison in multiple points.
  • The housing protection rating up to IP65.
  • Rugged construction and multiple options for materials from engineering plastics as PVDF, PP, PVC, and stainless steels as SUS304, SUS316, float switches can be applied to versatile applications in chemical corrosion of acidity and alkalinity liquid, solvents or oil fuels.
  • The reed switch and lead wire are isolated absolutely with liquids. All stainless steel switches are applicable to high pressure andhigh temperature performances.

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